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  • Derek Hermsen


Our office at Union Street has always had "sound issues". With 11 foot ceilings and hard surfaces all around, it creates a bit of an echo chamber. On phone calls, people would sometimes ask, "are you in the bathroom?!". So, with the extra nudge from the construction noise next door, we decided to try some sound mitigation. With our tenant improvement allowance, we opted for "clouds" of acoustical ceiling tiles. The brand is Kirei and the product is EchoStar. They can be configured in many ways, and in our space, we went with two clouds consisting of three sections each. The six sections cost about $4,000. So what did we get for our $4k investment? A reduction of about 5 decibels (from an average of 48 dB down to about 43 dB, which is a reduction of about 10% of noise). But, what isn't easy to measure, but is very apparent, is that the "echo effect" in the office has dampened, which was the ultimate goal. Feel free to call me any time and see for yourself. Now if it sounds like I'm in the bathroom, I probably am!

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