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Union Street Corporate Real Estate is a boutique tenant representation firm located in Seattle, WA. 


Every tenant deserves non-conflicting and experienced representation in a commercial real estate transaction. Union Street Corporate Real Estate exclusively represents tenants and structures solutions that best fit the uniqueness of each tenant's business objectives.

It’s not just about lease economics.  Real estate leases can impact the tenant’s hiring & recruiting, employee retention, exit strategies, ability to grow, employee morale & health, commutes, lifestyles, and much more. 


Leveraging the latest in CRE tech, Union Street has built proprietary tools and platforms to provide custom solutions for its clients.  Whether it is a local small business in Seattle, or an international company with a portfolio of leases throughout the world, Union Street provides centralized communication, transparency, and collaborative strategy throughout the leasing process.


At Union Street we believe that imagination is greater than knowledge.  The same market data is readily available to all brokerages, big and small, through third party data research & analytics companies.  Imagination on the other hand cannot be commoditized.  It’s not easily taught or bought, so many traditional brokerages struggle with difficult tenant requirements. 


Union Street is an experienced, private, agile, and entrepreneurial business.  It is about finding a way to accomplish the client’s objectives.  This requires being able to view things through your opponent’s eyes, being able to play contrarian to any strategy, posturing by not posturing, pushing listing brokers to educate their clients, and forecasting future trends. 

What does all that mean?  Let’s meet and we will demonstrate.

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